Create your online farm shop page and present your fresh produce on the Fresh & Local site where customers can purchase instantly.  No technical skill needed.


  • All crop and livestock record-keeping
  • Inventory and storage management
  • Task and labor management
  • Billing and packing slips
  • Season and budget Planner
  • Farm’s expenses and revenes

Rapid.Farm MANAGER Main Applications

Crop and livestock Records

Record all Crop Livestock, Poultry and storage activities easily and conveniently for follow-up and retrieval

Task and Labor Management

Manage the workforce on the farm, assign tasks to employees, and track how tasks are performed

Farm Expenses/ Revenues

Manage income and expenses, Including: per crop/field, livestock / poultry type, machinery

Planning and Budgeting

Plan your farm's activity for the upcoming season in a way that will meet your budget and match your income expectations

Crop Revenues Prediction

Based on the your planting size and the expected yield, Rapid Farm allows you to predict the expected revenues for each field and crop type

CRM & Billing

Manage your connections and billings with your customers/vendors. Issue an invoice or supply request in a touch of a button

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