About Rapid Farm

As part of the growing trend of selling direct to customer (DTC), Rapid Farm enables you to increase sales, improve your relationship with existing customers, and acquire new ones – easily. As a Rapid Farm user, you can set up an online store instantly, present your farm and the products you want to sell. No technical skills needed.


We at Rapid Farm realize that farmers need Rapid Farm’s capabilities for customer connections and new market outlets more now than ever. Therefore, we’re allowing farmers to register with Rapid Farm Marketplace (freshandlocal.farm) for free and sell online farm products directly to consumers. 

Farmers are responsible for:

  1. Setting up their farm page store on Rapid Farm including – farm name, farm story and essential  details (location, type pf produce…)
  2. Filing their store page with fresh produce for sale (products), including routine inventory status
  3. Delivery to consumers according to the distribution areas each farm defines (door to door delivery, self pick up from the farm or drop off points)

 Rapid Farm is responsible for:

  1. Presenting the products for sale on the freshandlocal.farm page to allow consumers to purchase immediately
  2. To notify the farmers for new orders
  3. To establish for each farm a dedicated farm page with all the products for sale
  4. To support the connection between the farmer and existing and new customers (directly from the Rapid Farm platform)
  5. To assist with direct marketing efforts to enlarge the exposure of farms and products. 
  6. To maintain customer support both for farmers and for consumers.

Running a farm is a complicated mission especially in light of the frequent variability in the amount of activity on the farm between seasons and even during seasons themselves and the record-keeping requirements. Therefore, Rapid Farm offers not only an advanced online platform to sell products but also a variety of tools needed to run a farm in order to improve productivity. All of them are available to users with no additional cost.

The farm management tools are: 

  1. Crop production and activity records down to the level of each plot and each crop type 
  2. Livestock management to the level of each animal
  3. Storage and inventory management including expenses reports
  4. Sales monitoring to follow finance situation
  5. An HR and tasks management tool to the level of each farm employee
  6.  CRM – full package of managing your customer and vendor connection including issuing invoice and packing slips
  7. Yearly and season planning tool
  8. Machinery control – usage, maintenance and expenses


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