About Rapid Farm

Working with farmers, allows us to provide the perfect management solution aimed at meeting their real farm management needs.

Our Goals:

  1. Help farmers manage their farm in a better, more economical and efficient way.
  2. Support farmers with meeting regulatory requirements (record-keeping)
  3. Increase farm’s direct to consumers (DTC) sales

Main use cases for Rapid.Farm (the "Manager" program):

Crop and livestock Records

Record all Crop, Livestock, Poultry, storage in a easy to use and view.

Task and Labor Management

Control every employee of the farm and manage the ongoing tasks

Farm Expenses/ Revenues

Including: per crop/field, livestock / poultry type, machines

Planning and Budgeting

Season planning and budgeting

Crop revenues Prediction

Based on the latest crop prices, your planting size and the expected yield, Rapid Farm allows you to predict the expected revenues for each field and crop type

CRM & Billing

Manage your connections and billings with your customers/vendors

About the "Market" program:

As part of the growing trend of selling direct to customer (DTC), Rapid Farm enables you to increase sales, improve your relationship with existing customers, and acquire new ones – easily. As a Rapid.Farm user, you can set up an online store instantly, present your farm and the products you want to sell. No technical skills needed.